Delivering extra cost savings to LTC sector with Gentona bath offer and extended warranty

We are offering our Gentona hi-lo bath at a reduced price for a limited period only.

As with all Gainsborough baths, the Gentona is supplied with a comprehensive two-year parts and labour warranty so cost effective reliability is assured for care homes and hospitals.

The Gentona is a highly versatile and reliable bath designed to excel in today’s challenging high-traffic care environment. It delivers assured performance to care teams who are responsible for bathing semi and non-ambulant service users in safety and with dignity. Its hi-lo functionality and transfer seat ensure carers can operate at safe working heights and moving and handling risks are minimized – resulting in reduced staff sickness from musculoskeletal injury. Ideal for dementia care, the ergonomic and spacious Gentona is a trusted solution that delivers a pleasant and relaxing experience for patients who struggle with modesty, unfamiliarity, and patience. Special options such as Hydrotherapy, Chromatherapy and Bluetooth sound can all be installed to stimulate bathers and promote engagement with carers.  

Gentona Offer   

The Gentona is renowned for delivering operational efficiencies and sustainability. By specifying this latest bath ongoing carer costs and utility consumption can be reduced so that commercial viability is improved without increasing service user fees. Performance related benefits include reduced bathing cycles through features such as pre-fill depth-level indicators or optional autofill programming – meaning carers can fill the bath to the appropriate level faster and attend to more bathers in less time. Transfers in and out of the bath are more efficient and with the optional detachable transfer chair, seamless movement of semi-ambulant bathers can be achieved outside of the bathroom without the need for ceiling track or mobile hoists.

In addition to features for precision filling the Gentona includes many other features that reduce water consumption. Both 1700mm and compact 1500mm long versions include a keyhole bathing space that optimises water usage without compromising comfort. An optional footboard can be slotted into the 1700mm Gentona so that the size of the bathing area is appropriate for smaller service users. TMV3 temperature controlled water ensures there is no risk of scalding and the inbuilt showering system provides exceptional flexibility and usability.

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