Bath Hoists for Disabled Patients

Bath hoists are ideal in helping and assisting disabled patients getting in and out of a bath safely, comfortably and with dignity. Patient hoists are also designed to support carers in providing bathers with a seamless bathing experience through an easy access to their bath.

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing offers a broad range of mobile bath hoists and ceiling track hoists to accommodate a variety of lifting and transfer requirements, also complementary to our range of assisted and walk-in baths for patients with reduced mobility.

Gainsborough are proud to offer a variety of mobile bath hoists such as: our best selling ceiling track hoist, or the latest bariatric hoist, all offering exceptional versatility, outstanding performance and the highest level of comfort and security. Our range of patient lift systems and devices are specially designed to assist carers in nursing homes, care homes and hospitals.

Please select a bath hoist from the list below to view more information, or simply get in touch with our team who will be happy to help, assist and support you in choosing the best patient hoist for your facility.

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Glide 200 Ceiling Track Hoist

A heavy-duty ceiling track hoist for high traffic environments (200 kg SWL)

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Glide M150 Mobile Bath Hoist

An ergonomically designed mobile bath hoist for use with Gainsborough's height adjustable baths (150kg SWL)

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Glide M180 Mobile Hoist

A compact, exceptionally capable mobile hoist with on-board diagnostics system (180kg SWL)

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Glide M200 Stand-aid Hoist

A lightweight, easy to manoeuvre stand-aid hoist with on-board diagnostics system (200 kg SWL)

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Glide M320 Bariatric Hoist

A heavy-duty mobile passive hoist designed to meet the challenges of bariatric care (320kg SWL)

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