Windermere walk-in bath
Windermere walk-in bath

Key Features

  • Compact footprint for small spaces
  • Secure side entry
  • Outward opening door
  • External locking mechanism
  • Left- or right-hand options
  • Air spa option


Windermere - Compact Walk-in Baths

Walk-In Baths

Our most compact side entry bath, the perfect alternative to a traditional style bath.

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Although half the size of a traditional bath, the Windermere walk-in bath has a water level twice as deep, making the most of smaller spaces.

You should consider this model when:

  • when space is limited or a new bathing area is created
  • when seated bathing is preferred for added comfort
  • when there is sufficient space for an outward-opening door

  • Left- or right-hand options
  • Air spa

Technical Information


  • 173 litres


  • Length 950mm
  • Width 660mm
  • Height 950mm