Project Description

Coriel assistive bath

The Coriel hi-lo bath is the latest innovation from this proven specialist – encompassing 30 years of trusted excellence and clinical prowess.

Leveraging the value of Gainsborough’s UK manufacturing, the Coriel delivers the most cost-effective choice for healthcare providers seeking a spacious supine bathing solution.

The Coriel is a substantial solution with a vast capacity ideal for bathers weighing up to 273kg (43 stone) who require recumbent bathing. Through precision engineering and highly durable components, its hi-lo functionality allows carers to consistently operate at safe working heights – absolutely essential particularly in bariatric care.

This is enhanced by ample hoist access that ensures seamless sling transfers so postural support is uncompromised throughout the bathing cycle.

Hygiene measures and hence CQC hygiene targets can be met through unique in-built cleaning technology and multiple sensory options provide greater bather stimulus.

  • Most cost-effective oversized specialist supine bath for acute and bariatric care
  • Significant operational savings
TR9650 bath lift system

TR9650 bath lift system


    Fully compatible with the Coriel, the TR 9650 provides an adaptable stretcher solution for seamless transfers of acute and bariatric care bathers.

  • Fully adjustable for safer bather and carer ergonomics
  • Intelligent safety technology
  • 150kg SWL, 200-965mm height adjustment range
  • Flexible configuration for ultimate accessibility
  • World-class safety, durability and performance

“Not only does our new Coriel bath excel within acute and bariatric care, it also pioneers in terms of value and performance. The Coriel is a streamlined solution that still delivers care and hygiene of the highest order. Add to this our holistic support, NHS Procurement personnel seeking the most cost-effective solution now have a clear choice – the Coriel from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms.”

Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough Healthcare Group CEO


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