Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms truly understands the needs of care providers, carers and bathers

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms truly understands the needs of care providers, carers and bathers

With over 30 years of specialist knowledge focusing on bathing needs, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is Europe’s leading choice for the design, installation and after-sales support of both assisted baths and walk-in baths and for the care environment. By understanding the unique needs and demands of modern care home and hospital settings, we deliver the optimum solution for each care provider.

Proudly built in UK, the Gainsborough portfolio is the widest collection of assistive bathing products available in Europe and has been developed by working closely with care providers, healthcare professionals and moving and handling specialists. Every Gainsborough height-adjustable, assisted bath is ergonomically designed to maximise safety, comfort and dignity for both user and carer.

Minimising moving and handling risks or possible carer back strain is equally paramount to the Gainsborough R&D team, hence each product takes into consideration all aspects of operation and transfer mechanics. Gainsborough baths are easy to clean, reducing cross-contamination and maintaining infection control particularly in high traffic environments. Using only the highest quality materials, Gainsborough baths are hand made using precisely engineered components that meet European safety standards including WRAS compliance. Thanks to their proven product reliability, performance and durability, these pioneering products have delivered significant practical and financial efficiencies within a significant number of care homes, acute wards and hospices throughout the UK.

Gainsborough’s specialist bathing and moving and handling solutions are all built to meet the unique demands of care homes and hospital wards. This sector leading performance is fully supported by comprehensive nationwide service and maintenance agreements delivered through our dedicated team of expert service technicians. Bespoke maintenance programmes can also be tailored to suit the requirements of each care establishment, taking into account bath type and care requirements, with the option to adapt service agreements in the future, as needs change.

As part of our complete support package, we can also provide an accessible bathroom design service to assist care directors, managers and procurement personnel who choose to specify a bath from the Gainsborough range. Our unique Aspect™ bathroom design software provides enhanced visualisation and specification capabilities during project planning stages by creating highly accurate scaled drawings, 3D room layouts and bespoke plan drawings.

These are combined with detailed quotations and prices in one concise document for quick and easy reference. Thanks to the accuracy and depth of information included in each Aspect proposal, care providers can ensure that the needs of their residents and staff are met more precisely.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Gainsborough team directly on 01527 400 022.