‘Next generation’ Manchester care home chooses Gentona baths from Gainsborough to enhance its luxurious care service

Located in Ashton-on-Mersey in Sale, South Manchester, Ashlands Manor is a prestigious 57-bed healthcare facility at the forefront of nursing, dementia and residential care. It provides a high quality experience for all residents so they can enjoy residing in a luxurious and safe environment. To enhance this outstanding care provision Ashlands Manor has installed two Gentona power-assisted baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms.

As Ashlands Manor offers advanced care with contemporary styling, aesthetic and accessible bathing solutions were deemed a necessity by the New Care Commissioning Managers. Hence, as the trusted and proven leader, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms was selected to provide power-assisted Gentona baths so a superior assisted bathing experience could be provided.

Ashlands Manor opened in May 2017 and is owned by New Care Projects, a development-led operator. Three self-contained floors offer separate nursing, dementia and residential accommodation, each with dining facilities and communal lounges that have been finished to a high specification. When fully operational over 80 care staff will support 57 residents.

Project details

  • Ashland Manor Care Centre
  • Location: Sale, Manchester

  • Owner: New Care Projects
  • Installation: 2 x fully accessible bathrooms
  • Solutions: 1 x hi-lo Gentona bath & 1 x hi-lo Gentona bath with Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy features
Kings Lodge

All bedrooms contain en-suite wet rooms however residents have the choice of using an accessible bathroom with a Gentona bath.

The Gentona from Gainsborough is an operational efficient, variable height specialist bath with bather transfer seat. The seat delivers enhanced dignity and care for residents by reducing the need for manual handling. Lowering to a convenient height for wheelchair transfers, the seat can be smoothly lifted, rotated and lowered by the carer so the bather is immersed in temperature controlled water. Once the bather is positioned appropriately the bath can then be raised to allow a safe-working height for carers.

This means washing residents does not require excessive and repetitive bending which can lead to back injury and staff sickness. The combination of the powered seat and hi-lo facility provides safer moving and handling with less risk of injury for both carers and bathers. One of the Gentona’s at Ashlands Manor incorporates a sensory unit, Air Spa and light system.

Ashlands Manor
Ashlands Manor
Gentona bath
Dawn Collett
Dawn CollettGroup Commissioning Manager, New Care Projects
“We offer the highest standard of care here at Ashlands Manor and we feel the Gainsborough Gentona baths help us deliver a luxurious and reassuring experience.”
Kay Johnson
Kay JohnsonGroup Commissioning and Operations Manager, New Care Projects
“The Gentona baths at Ashlands Manor are operationally efficient as they save energy and in effective give us every fourth bathing cycle for free. We focus on delivering a luxurious service in the most energy efficient way – our Gainsborough baths are key to this approach.”
Rebecca Oswell
Rebecca OswellSenior Carer, New Care Projects
“All my residents love the Gainsborough baths especially the spa facility which they have not seen before in other care homes. Once they have had a relaxing and therapeutic bath they can’t wait to get back in. The Gentona is simply a happy place for all my residents to be.”

These specialist features provide hydrotherapy and chromotherapy for residents so bathing becomes an enjoyable event rather than simply a practical process. The relaxing sensation of massaging water and the visual stimulus of multi-coloured LED lights encourages bather engagement and can help with therapy programmes beyond the bathroom.

Kay Johnson, Group Commissioning and Operations Manager for New Care Projects, was instrumental in selecting Gainsborough baths at Ashlands Manor. She believes it is essential to provide assistive baths that reinforce quality care whilst offering efficient performance and tangible cost savings.

Kay explains: “When I first joined the company we had a couple of care homes that have since been sold. They had standard baths and I was unhappy that the residents were only able to shower as they could not easily access the baths.”

“When we began building the new care facilities, I researched bathing companies and Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms was extremely helpful in providing information. It was also competitive from a financial point of view and appeared to offer everything we required. An experienced Gainsborough Regional Manager
paid us a visit and we were happy with the specifications they suggested. As we were in the build process, the bath installations were agreed at a mutually convenient time and this went through very smoothly.”

Kay continues: “At Ashlands Manor we provide suitable care for a range of people. Residents come to us due to frailty, old age, dementia or because they require nursing. People are assessed prior to admission and we provide continuous assessments once they come to live with us. Residents with similar needs are cared for on a particular floor, so that there are like-minded people together. Part of the New Care ethos is to encourage our residents to be as independent as they can be. As a company, we promote enablement – encouraging people to do what they want for themselves – whilst supporting them through this process. Our
Gainsborough baths are very much a part of this ethos.”

Kay add: “New Care is firmly committed to delivering the highest standards with the residents’ best interest at heart. Gainsborough baths provide this and do everything we want them to do. New Care is very much a people company and Gainsborough baths reflect this user-centric approach. The staff are happy with
them and the adjustable height functionality and transfer seats ensure safe working conditions.”

“At our Nottingham home, residents use the Gainsborough baths on a daily basis and continually provide positive feedback. We expect similar results from our Gentona’s here at Ashlands Manor. The overall bathing experience Gainsborough provides encourages relaxation which is key to our therapy programme. It helps residents be more open to activities and improves well-being and positivity. Our team and residents have been so impressed with Gainsborough that all our homes currently under construction will include their baths.”

Gentona Bath
Gentona Bath
Gentona Bath
Ashlands Manor