Case study: specialist gentona baths

Chawley grove care home chooses Gainsborough baths to complement its Pioneering care model

Oxfordshire’s Chawley Grove, an impressive purpose-built 70-bed care home operated by Hamberley Care Homes, is delivering the latest in person-centred care through an innovative approach and Gentona baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms.

Theresa Whitford, Care Home Manager, with the first resident to use the Gainsborough baths, Christine
Chawley Grove care home
Project: Chawley Grove
Location: Cumnor Hill, Oxfordshire
Operator: Hamberley Care Homes
Installation: 3 hi-lo Gentona baths with specialist therapeutic features

Stylish Chawley Grove is located in Cumnor Hill and opened in May 2019 to support residents requiring residential, nursing and dementia care. Part of a nine-strong network, Chawley Grove is the latest stunning Hamberley development to pioneer a new approach to care. Part of this innovative person-centred support involves access to specialist hi-lo Gentona baths from Gainsborough which deliver safe accessibility through advanced ergonomic and power assisted design. Combined with ultra-efficient operation, revolutionary BioCote antimicrobial protection and proven performance, these bathing solutions perfectly complement the ‘Homemaker’ approach to client support.

The team at Chawley Grove approach care with a different perspective. Their ‘Homemaker’ concept ensures a carer’s  remit is more diverse so greater companionship is delivered to residents.

Staff do not wear healthcare uniforms to provide a homely feel and take pride in understanding the unique needs of each resident. Tasks involve more aspects of living – ranging from sharing social time together to room cleaning and domestic assistance. These tasks complement the healthcare practicalities of care so a closer homemaker-resident relationship is delivered. Added to this, there is no fixed schedule of group activities. Hence residents and their Homemakers have greater flexibility to enjoy past times and resident engagement on their own terms. This approach has recently earned Hamberley the accolade ‘Residential Care Provider of the Year’.

Chawley Grove incorporates a range of unique features within its construction which ensure rich and diverse living for residents. These include en-suite bathrooms, a wellbeing and beauty salon, bar and cafe, deluxe cinema and a private dining suite for family and friends.

carer toilet stand in wet room bathroom

Each of the three Gentona baths is situated in a beautifully finished accessible bathroom. Contemporary decor, with colour and warmth, works in unison with soft furnishings and details such as a seating area for Homemakers – resulting in a more positive time for residents. Safer working heights for Homemakers are facilitated by the variable height baths and their powered bather transfer seats eliminate physical moving and handling so the risk of falls is lowered. Added to this, musculoskeletal injury for Homemakers is drastically reduced whilst  dignity is improved for bathers.

Hamberley regards high quality, accessible bathing as a crucial element within their service provision. Paul Hill, CEO, Hamberley Care Homes explains: “Residents and their relatives continue to be extremely impressed with our bathing facilities here at Chawley Grove. The feedback we receive proves our bathroom ambience and advanced Gainsborough baths deliver an impression that far surpasses facilities elsewhere. From personal experience of seeking a care home for a loved one, the availability of welcoming spaces and a relaxed atmosphere can never be underestimated.”

“Living in a beautiful place with a real sense of light and space ensures well-being and happiness are maximised – our bathrooms help deliver on this promise.”

Paul continues: “We regard Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms as the default choice in power bath suppliers. My previous experience of Gainsborough baths during time as a Carer, Nurse, Care Home Manager and now Group CEO, confirms their reputation for outstanding performance.

Our wider ethos is care with creativity and innovation – our aesthetic Gentona baths enhance this approach and clearly demonstrate our values”

Paul Hill, CEO, Hamberley Care Homes

Video: Chawley Grove Care Home

Megan Wilson, Carer and ‘Home maker’ at Chawley Grove Care Home, explains how their Gentona baths benefit the care team and residents.


The BioCote technology that combats Superbugs is fantastic and ensures our hygiene practices will achieve high CQC ratings.”

Theresa Whitford, Care Home Manager

Carer operating adjustable bath
Carer operating adjustable bath
Carer operating adjustable bath

My previous experience of Gainsborough baths during time as a Carer, Nurse, Care Home Manager and now Group CEO, confirms their reputation for outstanding performance. This is why we selected Gainsborough as our preferred supplier at Chawley Grove so residents could benefit from the most luxurious bathing experience possible.

Through the technology encompassed in our Gentona baths, our ‘Spa bathrooms’ provide hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and environmental music for ultimate relaxation.”

Paul concludes: “Gainsborough baths perfectly lend themselves to the atmosphere we focus on during bathing. We do not portray solutions as ‘assisted baths’ as this implies dependency; we want bathing to be enjoyable, liberating and fun. Operational efficiency and moving and handling best practice are still key, however quality time in the bathroom with Homemakers provides a unique opportunity for interaction. We deflect time pressures and eliminate the cold clinical aspects of personal care with a process that is not a chore. Our wider ethos is care with creativity and innovation – our aesthetic Gentona baths enhance this approach and clearly

demonstrate our values. They empower Homemakers to support residents at a greater level and despite building design being a significant consideration, it will always be service that defines the success of a care home. Gainsborough baths underpin our strengths.”

Theresa Whitford, Care Home Manager concurs with Paul. Her role is fully focused on interaction with residents and she sees bathing as a unique opportunity to ‘slow down’ the pace of living for greater engagement. “I always encourage my team to spend time talking to our residents so they really get to know their personalities. Homemakers can do this in our bathrooms by using the cushioned alcove benches which are built into each layout. They can then chat with residents at a more comfortable level without standing over them which can be intrusive. Residents enjoy a soak and can request music if they prefer. Some staff even read to their residents. In my 32 years within the care sector I have become familiar with Gainsborough baths and have seen the difference they provide. The latest models we have at Chawley Grove are wonderful, easy to use and simple to clean. The BioCote technology that combats Superbugs is fantastic and ensures our hygiene practices will maintain high CQC ratings.

Their styling is attractive which works well with our bathroom designs. In fact, they are the best bathing spaces I have ever worked in.”

Gainsborough baths are renowned for reliability and durability. This reputation will ensure multiple use on a daily basis without the risk of faults or downtime. Theresa believes Hamberley were right to invest in quality baths as she adds: “I have used so much equipment over three decades and I know Gainsborough baths last. You get want you pay for; Gainsborough baths have that ‘stand out’ factor. It is a waste of budget purchasing cheap products as invariably they do not last and you incur more costs further down the line. I would definitely recommend Gainsborough baths and the service provided by the manufacturer. Installation was completed  without a hitch and since commissioning we have not encountered any problems. Gainsborough’s training was comprehensive and my staff felt confident using the Gentonas right from day one. You only need to see or hear the positive reaction from our clients when bathing to appreciate the positive sensation our Gainsborough baths offer.”

Christine was the first resident to use a Gentona bath at Chawley Grove. A resident requiring nursing care, Christine had not been able to access a bath for over 10 years before relocation to this home.

Christine said: “I previously lived in a local assisted flat however I replaced the bath with a shower as access was impossible. The feeling of soaking in the bath for the first time, in such a long time, was lovely. The air bubbles were soothing and I’d never seen colourful lights in a bath before, so relaxing. Having water over your body was so much nicer than being sprayed in a shower. I felt better and the atmosphere of the bathroom was really calming. I was safe in the seat when getting in the bath and transferring from my wheelchair using a standing aid is ok – far better than hoisting.”

The effectiveness of Gainsborough baths can also be measured by the Homemakers who operate them on a daily basis. This care team comprises of qualified Carers, Nurses and a Well-being and Lifestyle Coach

Meghan Wilson sits on Gentona bath
Megan Wilson, Homemaker, is a strong advocate of the Gentona baths

who are supported by external Physiotherapists and healthcare practitioners. Megan Wilson is a Homemaker with over five years’ experience in residential and domiciliary care. She regards the Gentona as the “…best hi-lo bath I’ve ever used…”. Megan adds: “Chawley Grove is a brilliant place to work as I am completely on board with its care model. I can tailor my approach exactly to the needs and wants of residents with less risk. If it is in their best interests I will always suggest having a bath as the flexible functionality, lighting and music all add to a personalised experience. So many new residents have not had a bath for such a long time; it is so rewarding to offer them a therapeutic space that is not scary and ideal for stimulation or relaxation. How many senior people can access a spa bathroom? Very few I would imagine.”

With front line knowledge of other care establishments, Megan knows that Gainsborough baths make Chawley Grove stand out from the competition. She concludes: “In previous roles elsewhere there were hi-lo baths, however they weren’t used to their full capacity as staff were operationally unsure. This compromised care and resulted in greater risk of carers injuring their backs. We were always looking down over clients as they bathed which was not the best for their dignity and our postures were not healthy.”

Megan adds: “Here at Chawley Grove the situation couldn’t be more different. We can engage with bathers at eye level so commonly we can laugh and share a joke.

The bubbles are fun and I have flexibility in terms of water depth dependent on what is appropriate for my client. The Gentona bath is ideal for our residents and fits perfectly with our person- centred ethos.”

Bath with adjustable safe working height hi-lo functionality
Safer working heights for carers is provided by hi-lo functionality

The Gentona bath is ideal for our residents and fits perfectly with our person-centred ethos”

Megan Wilson, Homemaker