Case study: specialist gentona bath

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms
install assisted bath for local Crewe community

Pickmere Extra Care, a large later living housing development in Crewe, has redeveloped its unique accessible community bathroom, with a specialist bath, so residents and locals can bathe with advanced safety.

Assisted bath
Pat Sandland, Pickmere Extra Care Manager (left) and fellow team member (right) with resident bather and their new powered Gentona specialist bath
Care home gardens

Gentona bath with spa
Project: Pickmere Extra Care
Location: Crewe, Cheshire
Operator: The Guinness Partnership
Installation: Hi-lo Gentona bath with air spa

Built in 2012, Pickmere Extra Care is owned by The Guinness Partnership, which as a social landlord, provides housing for over 120,000 people nationwide. Pickmere provides 85 one and two-bedroom dwellings for the over 55s with 24/7 emergency response monitoring. It allows residents with limited mobility or disability to live independently within apartments that were specifically designed by Occupational Therapists.

Each property has easily manageable features and enhanced accessibility such as wider doorways and level access wet rooms. Construction includes eco-friendly design so energy efficiency is maximised for reduced utility costs and effective sustainability. This architecturally clever approach is also employed in the impressive communal facilities which provide a sociable atmosphere enjoyed by elderly and disabled residents.

Onsite features include a bistro restaurant, cafe, hair salon, spa and therapy rooms. Within this shared environment there is a fully accessible bathroom which provides assisted bathing for residents and people from the surrounding area. As part of its regeneration, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms provided a new care bath for this facility so that the latest safety and comfort could be provided, namely through a hi-lo Gentona.

Gentona bath in wet room
The Gentona bath perfectly complements the modern bathroom decor
A keyhole bathing space saves on water consumption

Pat Sandland, Pickmere Manager, comments: “We find our communal bathroom is a useful addition to our service offering. It is used each day by several residents and people living in local communities. Many only have a shower at home or if they do have a standard bath, they cannot get in and out safely.”

The Gentona bath provides full powered assistance for bathers and carers so access is safe and comfortable, without any manual lifting or the risk of slips and falls. In the 15x15m bathroom, Gainsborough installed overhead rails for hoist transfers and ensured wheelchair users have ample space to move around.

The Gentona is a power-assisted bath that provides variable height and a bather transfer seat. It is the flagship product from Gainsborough which has been a specialist UK bath manufacturer for over 30 years. Suited to a plethora of client needs in care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, the Gentona is chosen to provide safe and dignified bathing for vulnerable individuals. It provides complete

assistance to transfer a bather into the bath and hi-lo adjustment so carers can assist at a safe working height. With the Gentona raised to equal eye level, carers can engage more fully with bathers and the need for bending whilst providing personal care is negated – avoiding the risk of back and muscle injury.

With the Gentona raised to equal eye level, carers can engage more fully with bathers and the need for bending whilst providing personal care is negated – avoiding the risk of back and muscle injury.

Unique to the Gentona, is its ultra-efficient water saving technology and antimicrobial BioCote protection. Invisible and integrated during the manufacturing process, BioCote provides 24/7, 99.9% protection against harmful Superbugs such as Influenza, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistance microbes. It cannot be wiped or worn away and is proven to be far more effective than traditional liquid disinfectants which gives staff, bathers and carers peace of mind.

social area
Pickmere provides a variety of sociable areas

The communal bathroom is a rare feature amongst later living schemes and also benefits the local community. For a small cost per session and following a  suitability assessment, people living in local communities can bathe for up to one hour. It may assist people who have musculoskeletal pain or skin conditions and are helped by bathing with therapeutic oils. Experiencing a relaxing soak can result in improved mobility, mood and well-being.

We are proud our bath is making a difference at Pickmere. The Gentona and its air spa feature always puts a smile on people’s faces

Peter Eckhardt, CEO, Gainsborough Healthcare Group