Providing assisted bathing solutions that deliver comfort, safety and dignity

With over 25 years of specialist knowledge focusing on bathing needs, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is an established leader in the assistive bathing sector and is well-respected by clinicians nationwide. Proudly built in the UK, the Gainsborough portfolio is the widest collection of assisted bathing products available in Europe and has been developed by working closely with care providers, healthcare professionals and moving and handling specialists. This collaboration has created products that not only meet the challenges of the modern care environment but also minimise moving and handling risks for both bathers and carers.

The Gainsborough range of variable height and assistive baths is based on our profound understanding of safe, dignified and efficient patient bathing and transfer techniques. Patient safety, comfort and dignity are achieved through intuitive, ergonomic bathing solutions that can be operated in a safe and comfortable manner while minimising the potential for back or muscle strain in carers. As infection control is of paramount importance, we also design our baths so they are easy to clean, reducing any risk of cross-contamination, particularly in high traffic environments.

With our continual focus on meeting clinical needs and client requirements, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms remains the first choice for healthcare professionals involved in assistive bathing provision in the care environment.