Disabled Bathing Solutions

At Gainsborough Baths, we supply the very best in disability baths and disabled bathing solutions. With bathing playing such an important part of a person’s health, hygiene and well being, it is vital that when you choose an assisted bathing solution, you choose the right one that is suitable to your needs.

If you have severe mobility reduction, bathing and caring for yourself can be difficult and uncomfortable. That is why our range of disabled baths are equipped with power seats or with walk-in access to allow users easy access to make bathing easier. These features are designed to make entering and exiting the bath easier for the user and caregiver to benefit both parties.

Our range of baths for the disabled, walk-in baths, ceiling track hoists, showers for the disabled and other assisted bathing solutions are designed to help users with disabilities or reduced mobility to bathe safely and with dignity. Our disabled baths are ergonomically engineered to assist and support someone who has a particular disability that affects their physical mobility, as well as supporting care providers to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

As the largest suppliers of disabled baths and showers in Europe, we aim to provide our clients with specialist bathing solutions that are tailored and customised to their needs and requirements. With years of experience installing and providing high quality disabled bathing solutions we understand the needs and problems of our users, and our products are designed to provide the optimum solution.

Some of our products are also designed to be used in combination with a ceiling track hoist, which can help transferring users safely and in comfort. Not only does this product support the users, our range of hoists allow caregivers and healthcare professionals to perform their duties and provide better support to their patients.

How to choose the appropriate disabled bath?

If you are unsure which one of our products is ideal for your situation or needs, we have a specialist bath selector that is designed to assist you when choosing the right disabled bathing solution product.

If you wish to discuss your needs and requirements, or how our disabled bathing solutions would be suitable to a specific disability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.