Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, the UK leader in powered baths for the care sector, will be demonstrating its new BioCote antimicrobial technology at Health Plus Care by offering an interactive competition for professionals.

Gainsborough has recently integrated BioCote into its accessible baths so advanced hygiene control is possible in care home and hospital bathrooms – a first in specialist bathing. Through 20 years of expert development BioCote provides protection against the presence of harmful microbes such as Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and the antibiotic resistant CRE, VRE and MRSA. The latest fixed-height Gentona bath displayed on stand C60 and the variable height version with bather transfer system featured in the ‘Care Home Live’ exhibit both include BioCote technology. To ensure consistent protection, BioCote is not applied as a coating, but integrated into the bath material and seats during the manufacturing process. BioCote is proven to reduce the levels of bacteria on a protected surface by up to 99.99% and is future-proof ie. it does not cause multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria.

BioCote technology delivers:

  • Reduced risk of cross infection
  • Reduced bather and carer illness
  • Enhanced bather and carer well-being and safety
  • 24/7 protection for the lifetime of the bath
  • Less staining and odours
  • Increased bath durability

To highlight the effectiveness of BioCote, Gainsborough welcomes all visitors to enter its ‘Beat the Bug’ competition on stand C60. This fun computer game will challenge all entrants to eliminate as many bugs as possible in a limited time with the winner receiving a bottle Champagne! All competition participants will receive a free sports water bottle and information regarding BioCote technology.

In addition to the dementia-friendly Gentona, Gainsborough will also be showcasing the new Sentes reclining bath which provides advanced postural support for bathers with more complex needs.

Health Plus Care, stand C60 and ‘Care Home Live’ feature, 28-29 June 2017, ExCeL, London