Gainsborough will complete the roll-out of its new hi-lo and powered bath range at the Care & Dementia Show (stand D10, 11-12 Oct, NEC).

As the recognised leader in specialist bathing, Gainsborough’s assisted baths have provided the trusted accessible solution for care homes and hospitals for over 30 years. These products ensure utmost moving and handling safety for care staff and offer bathers unsurpassed care, comfort and dignity. The new range of ultra-efficient baths from Gainsborough, that include powered variable-height and bather transfer seats, will deliver significant savings and improved performance for care providers. This pioneering range has been launched in a phased approach during 2016 and the Gainsborough product showcase at this year’s Care & Dementia Show, signifies the completion of the whole new portfolio.

gentona offer

Each new bath includes market-leading ergonomics and technology to meet the ever-evolving challenges faced by acute and long term care (LTC) providers. As demand for dementia care continues to rise, the need for cost-effective assisted bathing continues to become ever more prevalent. The Gainsborough range, including the flagship Gentona, now delivers higher performance at lower costs through innovative features such as keyhole designs, depth indicators, optional Autofill settings and advanced bather transfer systems. With the new compact space-saving versions just launched, Gainsborough provides the most comprehensive choice for adapted LTC bathing needs – whether for a new build or refurbishment project.

The Alera, Bereno, Ezion, Gentona, Lincoln, Sentes, Talano and Torin all deliver:

  • ultra-efficient economical bathing with reduced energy and water consumption
  • improved operational efficiencies with reduced bathing-cycle times
  • heightened levels of patient care and dignity
  • more enjoyable bather experiences through enhanced aesthetics, smoother operation and therapeutic features
  • reduced servicing costs and downtime with streamlined engineering

The latest addition to the new Gainsborough range has been the enhanced bather transfer system for the Gentona and Talano baths. This new powered bather transfer seat has been redesigned to improve usability, durability and infection control. The detachable seat is compatible with a re-engineered anti-corrosive stainless steel trolley that provides a seamless transfer between toileting and bedroom areas – negating the need for ceiling track and mobile hoists in many situations. Comfort and reassurance is maximized for users as they are lifted, rotated and lowered into the bath with folding nursing arms, safety belt and an adjustable footrest.

Gordon Farmiloe, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms Managing Director comments: “With the cost of delivering acute and long term care escalating, we understand that providers are looking for cost efficiencies that do not compromise service quality. This is why Gainsborough offers ultra-efficient powered baths that deliver utmost care and maximized performance – resulting in the highest asset value. Now our new range is available, we believe that Gainsborough offers an unsurpassed choice of accessible bathing solutions – ready to meet today’s care challenges and beyond.”