Gainsborough Specialist Bathing – now with world-leading anti-microbial BioCote technology

Gainsborough understands that maximising hygiene to support the health and well-being of vulnerable bathers is imperative. Hence we have forged a partnership with BioCote, creating a pioneering first in specialist bathing for advanced infection control.

For over 20 years BioCote has been proven to deliver 99.99% protection against harmful bacteria, mould and viruses. This trusted and established worldwide technology is now integrated into Gainsborough power baths and transfer seats – a pioneering first in specialist bathing for advanced infection control.

  • Reduces the risk of cross infection

  • 24/7 protection for the lifetime of the bath – not a coating, integrated during manufacture

  • Zero maintenance, Zero cost disinfection system and no specialist fluids required

  • Protects against Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA

  • Reduced cleaning and bathing cycle times lead to more efficient use of personnel

  • Supports stain and odour prevention

  • Increases bath durability

  • Enhances bather and carer well-being and safety

Biocote datasheet
BioCote Data Sheet
Biocote hospital case study
Hospital Case Study – Biocote
Biocote carehome case study
Care Home Study – BioCote

“Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is a company who lead their market and are recognised for product innovation and quality, so this makes them an ideal partner for BioCote to work with. Whilst very different, our respective products are all about enhancing people’s quality of life and product experience.”

“Assistive bathing products that safeguard care provision and greatly reduce the potential for microbes to negatively impact this in anyway can only raise the bar yet further. Not only will the inclusion of BioCote® Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology enhance the bathing experience, by means of superior hygiene levels it also dramatically reduces the potential for the transmission of microbes between carers and bathers. “BioCote is even proven to render multi drug resistant bacteria such as CRE, CRO, CPE and VRE harmless due to its multi modal action – and Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is to be applauded for leading the way and tackling this increasingly problematic care sector issue head on.”

Guy Charteris, Partner Development Manager for BioCote Ltd

Guy Bicote