Sustaining cost-effective care bathing

Intelligently designed to save time and cost whilst maintaining utmost care

Gainsborough powered care baths are proven to reduce costs, lower utility consumption and enhance operational performance – whilst still maintaining ultimate care and safety. So how do they do this? Their market leading results are achieved by:

Gainsborough baths can reduce water usage and subsequently gas and electric consumption. This provides a significant cost saving as water heating is estimated to be responsible for over 12% of energy consumption in a care home.* Add to this reduced staffing costs through efficient bath operation and less downtime thanks to renowned reliability, these savings mean incremental bathing cycles can be effectively free.

This water saving is achieved through a unique internal bath shape which mimics a ‘keyhole’. The keyhole design consists of a wider end for the bather’s body and a narrower tap end for legs and feet. By implementing this contoured volume, less water is required to achieve depth whilst space for the bather is not compromised. Additional water is saved by pre-set depth level indicators eliminating unnecessary top ups. Not only does this lower water usage and the energy required to heat it, but waste output is also reduced so environmental impacts are lower.

Gainsborough baths incorporate a multitude of design aspects which assist with saving time. These provide operational benefits to carers, service users, management teams and facility owners. A major benefit is shorter bathing cycles which means more residents can be bathed in less time. This is achieved through bath features such as faster filling taps, depth level indicators and powered bather transfer seats with detachable transit trolleys. These optional onward transit facilities mean bathers can be seamlessly transferred in and out of the bathroom – again saving carer time and reducing moving and handing.

From a therapeutic point of view, specialist bathing solutions can also reduce pressures on staff by improving resident mood and behaviour. Bathing is regarded by many service users as a soothing and calming experience when compared to being assisted in a shower by a carer. Access to a full-length bath can strengthen engagement and positivity resulting in easier condition management and rehabilitation outside of the bathroom.

Increasing operational savings further

In addition to reducing utility and energy consumption, Gainsborough baths provide efficient operational performance through assured reliability and durability. Built with quality and robust components, these bathing solutions rarely develop issues or cause downtime. Servicing and maintenance contracts are diligently delivered with comprehensive warranties for assured value.

In terms of wet rooms and bathrooms delivered through Gainsborough’s G360 services, each installation reflects the quality of its UK manufactured baths. Finish, fixtures and fitting are all precisely delivered for long term performance – whether that’s leak-free accessible showers through to highly specialist anti-ligature sanitaryware.