Gainsborough Gateway

Unique added value

When you’re a healthcare provider with specialist bathing facilities, we understand the needs of your business and those in your care. So how do we, together, take your performance and sustainability to the next level? Whether you are managing a care home group or operating as a single site facilities manager, the Gainsborough Gateway is the answer.

The Gainsborough Gateway is an innovation like no other. A service proposition that delivers unique added value to all clients who choose power-assisted baths from our specialist Bio range. Not only will you be selecting baths with the highest-grade clinical excellence and BioCote antimicrobial protection, the Bio range opens up a world of additional value. 

The Gainsborough Gateway represents a new vision within long term and acute care bath provision; a complete package not just a product; a holistic service solution built for tomorrow’s challenges today. 

Opening up a whole new world of specialist bathing excellence

Bio bath purchasers have exclusive access to their own account records, service updates, training videos and assets.

Care comes first however commercial performance is still key. We understand the financial pressures you face as a care home and rehab provider – yet another reason why we developed the Gainsborough Gateway. With every Bio bath purchase your free membership of the scheme means you have greater opportunity to reduce costs and enhance ROI through a range of advantages and consultative advice. 

Finance is available on all bath purchasing so investment is more affordable and manageable. In terms of time savings, you can outsource complete bath and bathroom projects to us so your internal management is not pressurised. 

Once your Bio baths are installed, that’s when the real cost savings start to stack up. Through advanced design and efficiency, Gainsborough baths are proven to reduce water and utility consumption resulting in lower overheads for your business. Add to this faster bathing cycle times and award-winning ergonomics, carer efficiency is maximised meaning your resources are optimised – enhanced by reliable products not prone to breakdowns. 

Plus, you can tap into our extensive knowledge regarding utility and energy management. Our consultative approach offers invaluable insight into ways to fine tune bathing provision and care performance.  

By partnering with us through the Gainsborough Gateway you gain exclusive access to our online portal. With your own dedicated log in, you will be able to benefit from a range of free assets whilst enjoying the advantages of visible service records and safety conformity. The portal will host for you:

  • Bath training videos
  • Safety certificates
  • Service and LOLER records plus maintenance alerts
  • Tech downloads
  • Professional and specialist advice blogs
  • Service and training booking

And what’s more, these portal assets will continually evolve and grow to help enhance your CQC ratings. As our union become stronger, we will ensure the needs of vulnerable bathers remain at the very heart of everyone’s duty of care.