Ceiling track hoists

Safe lifting and transferring

To complement its extensive range of assisted baths, Gainsborough offers a versatile ceiling track hoist system to assist with lifting and transferring of clients in a range of care environments.

Designed to improve the patient lifting experience, the Glide 200 ceiling track hoist is easily adaptable to accommodate a wide variety of room layouts. With its unique self-charging feature for extending running times and a wide range of slings, the Glide 200 ceiling tracking hoist offers care providers a variety of benefits for both residents and carers alike.

Gainsborough offer a full installation service from site assessment and design right through to fit-out, training and on-going maintenance.

Key features

200kg/31st safe working load
Slimline and with great lifting capacity
Low profile hoist unit is unobtrusive and provides greater lifting height
All lifting and traversing operations have soft start/stop to ensure smooth transfers for the user
A host of safety features
Smooth running tape with large lifting range
State of the art display with lift counter
Slimline low profile padded carry bar has six sling loop attachment points as standard
Ergonomically designed handset with clearly marked buttons
Coloured direction indicators on hoist to ensure correct operation


200kg safe working load (31 stone)
Approx number of lifts before recharge: with 85 kg load = 65
Charging time: 8 hours MAX
Unit weight inc batteries: Manual = 9.7kgs & Drive = 10.4kgs
Lifting speed: Loaded 0.15m/s: Unloaded 0.25m/s
Batteries: 2 x 12V 5amp
Battery protection: Sleep mode voltage 24VDC
Transformer: IP 67 rated – 30V AC output, 230V AC Input – 50/60MHZ
BS EN ISO 10535:2006

Compatable slings

Loop slings – Size: XXS through to XXL

  • Quickfit sling
  • Bathing sling
  • Universal Deluxe sling
  • Toileting sling
  • Amputee sling
  • In-Situ Superfine Plus sling

Clip slings (for use with 4 point cradle) – Size: XXS through to XXL

  • Quickfit sling
  • Bathing sling
  • Universal Deluxe sling
  • Toileting sling
  • Amputee sling
  • LongDay Superfine Plus sling

Wide selection of track components to suit a range of room layouts

Integral diagnostics and service panel with quick and easy fault finding

Unique self-charging system ensures maximum running time