Specialist baths

Assisted baths from Gainsborough

Specifically designed to suit a variety of care settings – from nursing and care home environments to intensive care hospitals – offering comfort, security and practicability.

Pro Comfort range of accessible baths

Our collection of entry-level specialist bathing solutions – Pro Comfort baths deliver a cost optimised, reliable and trusted solution to deliver high class care. 

Variable height

A height-adjustable bathing system with integrated seat for bathers requiring powered assistance. Hi-lo functionality ensures carers can assist at safe working heights.

Variable height with detachable transfer seat

A height-adjustable bathing system with integrated powered seat, hi-lo functionality and a detachable bather trolley for seamless transfers in and out of the bathroom.

Fixed height

A fixed height bathing system with integrated powered transfer seat for bathers.  Available in 1500 and 1700mm lengths, it offers a flexible solution for all sizes of bathroom.

Fixed height with leg lifter   

A fixed height bathing system with integrated seat and patented leg-lift facility for bathers requiring the highest levels of care assistance.

Our Pro baths are the cost optimised choice for care homes and rehab facilities. Each solution includes:

  • Select range of optional accessories
  • Inbuilt ‘Shepherds Crook’ Cat5 compliant shower
  • 1700mm and 1500mm variants
  • 1-year complimentary (statutory) warranty

Typically, a Pro bath can be delivered and installed within 6 weeks. If high-grade clinical specification and added value service is required, then our Bio range is recommended.