Four Gentona power assisted baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms have been installed at the recently opened St Brendans Care Home to enhance quality care provision.

B&M Care was established in 1975 when Chairman Bill Hughes opened his first care facility in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. This care home proved highly successfully through a commitment to quality service delivered by caring and diligent staff.

This ethos continues today and the group now provides 25 care homes across Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Up until 1986 B&M Care converted existing buildings to care homes however since that date it has focused on new builds specifically designed for optimum care provision.

Its latest development in Crowthorne, St Brendans, is a shining example of B&M Care’s ability to implement over 40 years of knowledge. St Brendans offers state-of-the-art care predominantly for residents with low and high level dementia. It is a 62-bed home with ensuite bedrooms and four fully accessible communal bathrooms each containing a Gentona bath. B&M Care has selected Gainsborough baths as they are a proven and economically efficient solution for safe accessible bathing.

Project details

  • St Brendans, Crowthorne, Berkshire
  • Operator: B&M Care

  • Installation: Four fully accessible luxurious bathrooms
  • Solutions: 4 x hi-lo Gentona baths with transfer seats
St Brendans

Every resident has the option to bathe or shower which is a key benefit in terms of hygiene and well-being. Each bedroom has an adapted shower however many residents prefer the pleasure and dignity of soaking in a bath. Being washed and sprayed on a shower chair is not as relaxing and many residents with dementia perceive the experience to be daunting. With access to a Gentona bath, semi-ambulant residents have a fully supported transition into water – delivered in a smooth and controlled manner. This can improve mood, mental health and physical mobility through the effects of immersion in temperature controlled water.

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms is a highly established manufacturer, supplier and installer of power assisted baths for the long-term care sector. It provides a comprehensive range of specialist baths that provide safer moving and handling in acute, nursing and residential settings. Its latest Gentona includes an array of new features that deliver operational savings, enhanced care and advanced anti-microbial protection at St Brendans.

The Gentona has built-in design and technology that reduces water consumption. This includes a key hole bathing space and auto fill options. This in turn reduces gas and electric overheads as lower hot water usage means less heating is required. Combined with faster filling and more efficient bather transfers, bathing cycle times are reduced so staff can attend to more residents in less time. Without compromising care, this reduces pressure on care teams and results in enhanced service provision around the home.

Each bath provides ergonomic comfort and security for users. The sculpted transfer seat includes swing-away nursing arms and a safety belt so residents feel reassured during transfer in and out of the bath. Postural support is provided when sitting in the bath and through the Gentona’s height adjustment, carers can fully engage with bathers at eye-level. This hi-lo functionality is crucial for safe working heights so the risk of musculoskeletal injury is minimised for carers. They can avoid excessive bending or stopping when washing residents especially with the integrated high-level shower facility.

Infection control is a top priority within all care facilities. This is why B&M Care has selected Gentona baths from Gainsborough as they include BioCote anti-microbial technology. Integrated during the manufacturing process, BioCote provides up to 99.99% protection against Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant ‘Superbugs’ such as CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA. BioCote is a highly established solution developed over 20 years however inclusion in an assisted bath is a world’s first. This pioneering technology, which cannot be worn off or wiped away, significantly reduces the risk of resident and carer illness.

St Brendans
St Brendans
Gentona bath
Simple, intuitive roaming hand controller

Watch the videos and hear the teams feedback:

“There are many benefits to having Gainsborough baths. Firstly, many residents entering our home have been unable to bathe for a long time so to relax safely in a Gentona is a fantastic experience.

Secondly, we find the Gentona’s are simple to clean and they support our infection control. They are straightforward for carers to operate and ensure there is a reduced risk of back strain.

Lastly, in the many years I have worked with Gainsborough baths I have never experienced a breakdown. I consider them to be a quality and trusted product.”

Debbie Rapson
Debbie RapsonSt Brendans Care Home Manager

Angela Hunt, B&M Care Business Development Manager explains: “Here at St Brendans we provide high quality care for local authority and privately-funded residents. We are finding clients from the public sector are arriving with much higher needs so it is essential we have the capabilities to manage and support them. This is where our Gentona baths are critical from a safety point of view. Many residents come to us who have not been able to bathe for several years so to experience the sensation of relaxing in a safe specialist bath is priceless. We believe bathing should not just be a practical process, it should be something to look forward to.”

Angela continues: “Through four decades of experience we know what works in a care home – the design of St Brendans is testament to that. We structure and organise our operations so residents feel settled and fulfilled whilst staff are able to operate efficiently and effectively. We want our bathrooms to be welcoming and homely for residents so a sense of familiarity is generated – important when living with dementia. The Gainsborough baths help with this approach as they are stylish and do not look clinical.

From a healthcare point of view the inclusion of BioCote is a massive plus for all of us.”

Gentona bath
Gentona bath

B&M Care is all about delivering quality care, Gainsborough is integral to this ethos. They offer good reliable products, they are cost effective and give our staff and residents peace of mind.

The Gentona is operationally efficient as it uses less water, so we heat less water, which in the end reduces our utility consumption and bills. The new technology they include we know means that every fourth bath is effectively free. They are smooth, reliable and quiet which helps us deliver the quality experience we want for our residents.

The integrated BioCote is a major benefit for us as our residents and staff can be confident in our infection control as 99.9% of Superbugs cannot survive on the bathing surface.

Carers tell us they are simple to use, our in-house maintenance teams are happy with performance and service calls, and management are seeing areduction in costs with time savings benefits. Nevertheless, most importantly our residents have the choice to enjoy a relaxing bath which is the highlight of the day for many.”

Angela Hunt
Angela HuntB&M Care Business Development Manager