A height-adjustable bathing system with integrated seat and patented leg-lift facility for bathers requiring the highest levels of care assistance

With advanced energy-saving technology, the Ezion combines the versatility of a hi-lo bath and powered seat traverse with a unique leg-lift system to offer the very highest level of care. Designed for high-traffic wet environments, this exceptionally capable and ultra-efficient bathing system allows both bather and carer to use the bath in complete comfort and safety.

The Ezion bath is fully height adjustable to ensure a safe, comfortable working height for carers while its stainless steel seat frame and easy-to-clean surfaces also reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Watch an overview of the Ezion

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Key features

  • Fully-adjustable, hi-lo bath ensures a safe, comfortable working height for carers
  • Powered seat traverse effortlessly with unique leg-lift facility effortlessly transfers bather in and out of the bath eliminating the need for manual handling
  • Innovative keyhole design reduces water usage and helps cut energy costs
  • The 1700mm full length bath boasts extra-long internal bathing length and wide seating area, ensuring optimum comfort for bathers
  • Double skinned bath panels for added durability and strength
  • The ultra-compact 1500mm bath is perfect for space restricted environments
  • TMV3 controls maintain a safe, comfortable, pre-set water temperature, reducing any risk of scalding
  • Ensuring CAT5 water protection for your facility the stylish Easyshower 5 solution comes as standard with the 1700 Ezion bath, giving carers flexibility and bathers a relaxing experience
  • Easy clean stainless steel bath seat frame and adjustable nursing arms for client comfort and safety
  • Reliable, quiet electronics with integrated battery backup safety system in case of mains power failure
  • Ergonomic and intuitive remote handset for easy and simple operation 
  • 165kg (25 stone), safe lifting weight accommodates the majority of bathers
  • Left or right-hand configurations adapt to any bathroom layout
  • Featuring integrated BioCote anti-microbial technology as standard


  • Easyshower5 – KIWA approved deck mounted CAT 5 shower system, including sequential thermostatic valve, trigger shower head, 1.5m hose, twin lever bath filler tap and TMV – 1700 baths
  • KIWA compliant shower pole, (CAT 5) – Including shower head, diverter, twin lever bath filler tap and TMV3 valves – 1500 baths
  • Auto-fill technology – temperature-controlled auto-fill system automatically fills the bath to a pre-set depth
  • Hydrotherapy air-spa system – delivers a gentle, therapeutic massage to bathers
  • Sound system – Bluetooth® compatible audio system for added bathing ambience and stimulation
  • Chromotherapy system – multi-coloured LED lighting visually enhances the bathing experience