Disabled living should be as comfortable as possible, particularly when it comes to bathing. So take the time to make sure you choose the right disabled baths for your care home.

Care homes play a very important role in society. They ensure that those in need of assistance are able to live as independently as possible. Ultimately, it’s the people who make sure a care home is a wonderful place to live, but to successfully get by, it is important for them to have the right facilities.

Disabled bathing should be as fuss-free as possible, and with so many easy-access baths available, it can be. All that’s left to be decided is which type.

Which disabled bath is best suited to your needs?

There are three distinctively different types of care home services, from personal care and dementia care through to nursing care. These different types of care offer different levels of assistance and so come with varying needs regarding facilities and bathing.

Compact and comfortable

A disabled bath doesn’t have to take up much more room than a regular bath. Models such as the compact height-adjustable bath, the Gentona boast concise features that make bathing as comfortable and convenient as possible, without compromising on space.

Discreetly designed assisted baths

A care home is designed to feel like home, and not so much like a hospital. So when it comes to choosing fixtures and features that meet functionality, disabled baths can provide a home-from-home experience with discreet design features as well as familiar aspects.

For example, the Bereno easy-access bath takes on a contemporary shape, with an integrated seat lift – suitable for those with some level of mobility but still some requirement for assisted bathing.

Multi-functional disabled baths

Many care homes provide round-the-clock assistance, and so are reliant on the functionality of what’s around them. With disabled baths, a whole host of features are considered – from access and comfort to material and durability. On top of these more common features, some care homes may require baths that give a little more.

The Lincoln Hi-Lo bath is a versatile, 3-in-1 bathing system that integrates a bath and showering platform with a changing table, allowing for an extended level of care.

When it comes to bathing solutions for care homes, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms have an unrivalled range to choose from, making disabled bathing as comfortable as possible. For more information about the right bathing solution for you, simply contact us by phone on 01527 400 022, or get in touch via email.