It is extremely important for care homes to consider the design of their bathroom facilities, this ensures the best care is provided to their patients.

Good design and construction will enable carers to provide a better service and also reduces the risk of injury for the patient.

Easy Access Baths

Easy access baths can have a extremely positive impact on health, improving users’ independence and reducing the risk of cross-infection due to their easy-to-clean surfaces. Advanced designs in accessible baths provide better performance and create a flexible environment that meets the needs of the user while minimising the potential for back or muscle strain in carers.

The practical purpose for assisted baths should be to facilitate personal hygiene, provide therapeutic value and aid pain relief. Compliance features including grab bars, roll-in or hoist accessibility and bathroom layout can make a bathroom more suited for personal care needs. Safety standards should be implemented to limit the possibility of accidents. Care homes should ensure that their accessible baths’ core functions benefit both the patient and care staff.

The installation of special equipment and accurate planning provides users with the opportunity to gain more privacy and can significantly improve independence. Smart technology, communication equipment and signage are paving the way for future accessible bathrooms.

Assisted baths provide a variety of functions that facilitate the comfort of users, including height-adjustable seating which may benefit those who have difficulty lowering themselves into the bath. Leg lift facilities and bathing hoists can assist disabled patients to safely and comfortably get in and out of a bath. In addition to easy accessibility and long lasting durable equipment that withholds the safety standards and regulations, they also support carers by providing a smooth bathing experience.

Gainsborough provide a range of accessible bathing solutions that are specifically designed for care homes, offering tailored solutions for patients to meet their personal needs and mobility. All our assisted baths are fully adjustable, to ensure maximum comfort and easy access for users.

Incorporating specialist equipment is essential for your care environment, to find out more about our assisted bathing solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today our friendly team today.