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Assisted baths from Gainsborough are specifically designed to suit a variety of care settings – from nursing and care home environments to intensive care hospitals – offering comfort, security and practicability.

Alera bathing system


A fixed-height bathing system with integrated seat transfer and leg-lift facility, suitable for a range of care settings

Ezion bath


A height-adjustable bathing system with integrated seat and patented leg-lift facility for bathers requiring the highest levels of care assistance

Gentona bathing system


Designed specifically for high-traffic care environments, the Gentona is fully height adjustable and comes with powered transfer seat



The Oraya is an exceptionally versatile 3-in-1 bathing solution that incorporates a hi-lo bath system, a changing table and a bathing/showering platform



An ultra-efficient, antimicrobial reclining bathing system, suitable for long-term care and acute care environments.

Talano bath


A fixed-height bathing system with powered seat transfer, suitable for a wide range of care settings



A height-adjustable bathing system designed for use with hoisting systems in hospitals or nursing homes

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Why choose an assisted bath from Gainsborough?

As the largest supplier of accessible baths in Europe, we strive to provide users with specialist bathing solutions tailored to their needs and mobility.

Our range of baths include fully height adjustable baths, to ensure a comfortable height for carers and increased safety to the user due to easy access.

The durability of our assisted baths is due to their being specifically engineered for high-traffic environments, to make them the most specialised baths for care homes available. All of our accessible baths are designed to be easy to clean, helping maintain infection levels to a minimum in sensitive environments such as hospitals.

Our years of experience and many projects providing and installing highly accessible baths in care homes has enabled us to perfect our service – before, during and after installations – making sure carers and users get the most seamless, comfortable and tailored bathing experience possible.

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