Service excellence continues as hallmark of Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms

For over three decades Gainsborough has not just expertly manufactured specialist care baths, it has provided a 360-degree service proposition.

But what advantage does that give Care Home Facilities Managers? In this article, we explore a selection of topics which highlight why a holistic service is critical to balance high quality care with financial efficiency.

Understanding design

Operation of a care home comes with great responsibility. Residents are vulnerable and care staff must operate in a safe environment. Bathrooms can potentially pose a risk to both parties with slip and fall hazards possible across all spaces. Tackling this challenge can be made easier by procuring design skills from proven specialists in the accessible arena, such as Gainsborough. Not only does its team of bathroom designers employ the latest innovations through ArtiCAD, Gainsborough also leverages over three decades of clinical understanding in terms of patient and carer needs. Client centric ergonomics, both in bath and bathroom design equals safer outcomes and greater reassurances for overseeing Facilities Managers.

Price not always the point

Everyone in the care sector is conscious of cost. Profitability continues to become increasingly squeezed as overheads rise and client affordability falls. These market conditions can naturally dictate a trend towards cheaper, lower quality bathing solutions –but is that sensible? Will that investment provide long-term dividends? Prudent procurement departments will instead choose higher value baths that last.

Cost is not just price, it’s time. Factors such as reliability, ease of use, training, health and safety, servicing, speed of operation, client care…the list continues of processes that have a cost factor. Choosing a bath manufacturer that can cover all deliverables, as an outsourcing partner, will maximise pressurised budgets and avoid draining internal staff resources.

Packaging peace of mind

Efficient FM relies on a roster of trusted suppliers who deliver dependable equipment and responsive support. Product specialists who deliver in this respect tend to provide equally robust warranties and servicing, such as Gainsborough. Its choice of service care packages adds value to the proposition as managers are able to tailor provision according to the demands on their equipment. Gainsborough provides three levels of support – Elite Care, Premium Care and Extra Care. Dependent on the package chosen, Facilities Managers can benefit from priority call outs or discounts on spare parts whilst each option includes testing for LOLER compliance.

Performance plus

Being ‘effective’ is one of five fundamental principles that determine the performance level of a care home. The CQC assess whether ‘care, treatment and support achieve good outcomes, help maintain quality of life and are based on the best available evidence.’ Specifying assistive equipment that enhances this provision is an important consideration particularly in the bathroom. And within that environment, antimicrobial technology has become vital for effective care especially following the appearance of Covid.

Gainsborough remains at the forefront of hygiene developments with its integrated BioCote technology. Present as a constitute part of the GRP manufacturing process, this silver-ion additive ensures up to 99.99% of microbes cannot exist on a treated bath surface. Clinical trials have shown that the presence of BioCote in a healthcare environment also reduces microbes in the vicinity. With infection control an absolute top priority not just for care, but to avoid the commercial crisis caused by viral outbreaks, any complementary solution such as BioCote is a welcome addition.

Frontline testimonials

Comments from facilities and operational professionals in the care home sector speak volumes regarding the service levels from Gainsborough. Ed Riches, Support Services Manager for Ardale care homes, has worked with Gainsborough baths for several years. Responsible for facilities management at locations such as Potters Grange in Hertfordshire, he comments: “Basically they are great, great products and we’re able to ensure an outstanding bathing experience for our residents and also in a health and safety way, be able to deliver good care.”

“In terms of service from Gainsborough, there are many positive aspects including the personal attention you receive – that’s from customer services through to the engineers that visit. They service equipment depending on what package you choose – we have a package where they come out twice a year. They will complete the required LOLER testing and ensure everything is working as it should. I can’t question any element of the service provision. Ardale works with Gainsborough as we believe they are one of the leaders in this sector and provide dependable solutions and service. We, as a care provider, always want to be the best and so therefore we install the best.”

The Facilities Manager at Camberley’s Kings Lodge, operated by Aura Care Living, is equally impressed with Gainsborough’s performance. Peter Turner adds: “We chose Gainsborough as it’s a reputable company. Their baths are built to a high standard of quality and their support structure is fantastic. We have called them out to do some training a few times and nothing has been too much trouble. We have four specialist baths here and have had absolutely no problems with them. They are energy efficient, easy to operate and straightforward to maintain. Most importantly our carers and residents love to use these baths.”

Think beyond baths

The best choice tends to be the considered choice. Gainsborough represents that choice in assisted bathing solutions for care homes and rehabilitation facilities. Decisions regarding equipment procurement need to take into account all aspects of value associated with that product, not just the price point. Gainsborough has prowess across both product and service; innovation and excellence that results in better care, performance and long-term ROI. Cost cutting can be achieved by purchasing cheaply, but that’s not the smart way.