New Gainsborough EasyShower5 system delivers enhanced care flexibility

Representing one of the latest innovations from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, the new EasyShower5 offers an enhanced level of safety, usability and performance.

Since 1988 Gainsborough has led the specialist bathing sector. As Europe’s largest manufacturer of specialist baths, proudly based in the UK, Gainsborough continues to raise the bar in terms of assisted bathing and operational efficiencies for care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Its flagship Gentona hi-lo bath and extensive range provides proven solutions that are bather and carer-centric in terms of design. The optional EasyShower5 reiterates this commitment with a revised approach to built-in specialist showering.

This deck-mounted shower system replaces traditional pole configurations, so freedom of movement is improved for carers administering showering support to bathers. KIWA approved, the shower head controls are ergonomic and intuitive so water flow can be ultra-responsive to the bather preferences. Flexibility when administering personal care has been improved with a generous 1.5m easy-clean hose which is housed at the tap end of the bath. Thermostatically controlled water temperature is critical for anti-scalding protection, so the Gainsborough factory pre-sets the adjustable water output to a comfortable 38-degrees – managed by a high performance sequential TMV3 value.

As healthcare providers are already opting for the EasyShower5, Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough CEO, explains why choosing this optional feature delivers a significant advantage:

“As ever with Gainsborough solutions, the design details in our latest innovation underpin its outstanding performance. From the independently approved back flow prevention system to protection against pathogenic organism concentration, the EasyShower5 is a market leading choice. When you consider the need for even more robust infection control these days, we take pride in manufacturing a solution that strengthens advanced hygiene beyond previous convention. Add to this our antimicrobial BioCote technology, integrated into every Gainsborough bath, procurement personnel now have a unique proposition to take advantage of in terms of advanced hygiene provision.”

The EasyShower5 system is available as an optional extra on the Gentona, Ezion, Torin, Talano and Alera (1700mm) specialist baths.