The Benefits of Ceiling Track Hoists in a Disabled Bathroom

Gainsborough look at why ceiling track hoists provide both end users and carers with a number of advantages in the bathing environment.

The advantages of a ceiling track hoist for carers and users

What is a Ceiling Track Hoist?

Ceiling track hoists provide both end users and carers with a number of advantages. The ceiling track hoist system attached to the ceiling to convey people with limited mobility in and around a room. They can be installed in just one room or throughout a larger building, conveying someone throughout the premise.

Ceiling track hoists are ideal solutions for people with disabilities or mobility problems so that they can be conveyed around easily. With the risk of becoming paralysed or suffer from diseases such as Parkinson’s, their legs can become stiff and they can struggle with movement. In such cases, a ceiling hoist can provide the necessary support.

How Does a Ceiling Track Hoist Provide Care & Support for Disabled People?

For those who have problems with mobility, cleaning and bathing can become a daily struggle and sometimes even dangerous. In many cases, using the bathroom can become a real difficulty.

As well as providing support to the person with the disability or someone with mobility problems, a ceiling track hoist also benefits carers. A useful utility for either the home or hospital, it can make the carer’s job easier by supporting with the bathing of the patient.

Besides this, a ceiling track hoist can also support carers with other types of therapies and treatments. For instance, they can be a perfect solution for patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, where muscles can stiffen and cause discomfort. Using a hoist could allow a carer better access to their legs and joints, and help them better exercise to provide relieve from the discomfort.

Ceiling track hoists are vital for carers to provide high quality care and safe and comfortable mobility for people with disabilities.