CQC hygiene beating baths are a resounding success at ‘Health Plus Care’

At Health Plus Care, we have successfully showcased why our unique integrated BioCote antimicrobial technology delivers CQC compliant infection control.

Infection control strategies

The control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) remains a major challenge for care homes and hospitals. This involves employing a combination of infection prevention and control strategies which are increasingly including assisted baths from Gainsborough Baths.

Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough Healthcare Group CEO at Health Plus Care 2018.

Through the integration of BioCote silver-ion technology during manufacture, Gainsborough baths provide:

  • 99.99% protection
  • 24/7, against:
    • Influenza H1N1
    • E.coli
    • Salmonella
    • Antibiotic-resistant ‘Superbugs’ such as CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA

How does BioCote help?

As dangerous microbes cannot survive on treated bathing materials, bather and carer illness is reduced and care performance is enhanced. This ultimately results in CQC compliance and strengthened duty of care along with the avoidance of special measures in terms of hygiene ratings.

The BioCote revolution within Gainsborough assisted bathing solutions is already providing a significant advantage to many leading care home groups.

Luke Torkington, Four Seasons Health Care, comments:

“BioCote is vital for our care homes’ infection control process. With the increased threat from superbugs, the inclusion of BioCote technology in Gainsborough baths delivers our carers and residents a significant advantage. No other premium supplier can deliver such a robust infection control solution.”

Angela Hunt, B&M Care, said:

“The integrated BioCote in our Gentona baths is a major benefit for us as our residents and staff can be confident in our infection control as 99.9% of Superbugs cannot survive on the bathing surface. I have managed outbreaks of infection in previous jobs and fully appreciate the value
delivered by antimicrobial protection especially during the winter months.”

Upto 96% reduction in bacteria

  • Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of BioCote in healthcare environments. During refurbishment of a nursing home in Leicester, a study was performed to compare bathrooms, where one was fitted with a range of BioCote, treated antimicrobial products and another with untreated, comparable products.
  • The results generated by the presence of BioCote were compelling – a 95% reduction in bacteria. Similarly, two hospital outpatient units provided the environments for an18-month pilot study. Unit A was refurbished with BioCote treated products and also a number of untreated products.
  • A similar, refurbished outpatient ward containing untreated items (Unit B) served as a control. Again BioCote generated a significant result – a 96% reduction in bacteria.

Peter Eckhardt, CEO, Gainsborough Healthcare Group, concludes:

“Our unique BioCote advantage is clear to see for all. No other manufacturer of specialist care baths can provide such an effective infection control solution against the growing attack from HCAIs. Through evidence-based results the presence of our reated baths, such as the market leading Gentona, significantly reduces the presence of Superbugs – hence delivering greater protection from illness, cross contamination and microbial outbreaks. Our customer-focused ethos is once again underlined by this innovation whilst underpinning quality care stainability and CQC hygiene compliance.”