Gainsborough launches specialist Oraya platform bath for advanced spinal stability

Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms, Europe’s leading brand of specialist baths for the healthcare sector, has introduced the new Oraya hi-lo platform bath to facilitate safer bathing of patients with more complex musculoskeletal needs.

For over three decades, UK-based Gainsborough Healthcare Group has manufacturered and installed accessible bath brands for long-term, acute and domestic care. Now a 360-degree provider of specialist bathrooms and wet rooms to the care sector, Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms has launched the latest pioneering bath to its award-winning portfolio – the Oraya with powered variable height, integrated platform and advanced hygiene control.

The Oraya represents the latest in antimicrobial baths from this award-winning manufacturer which provides functionality and support for bathers requiring stable spinal transfers when bathing. Its built-in changing, drying and bathing platform negates the need for moving and handling in and out of the bath and streamlines the overall transfer process. Beneficial to the bathers in terms of dignity and comfort, the Oraya’s design also protects caregivers from back or muscle strain whilst maximining safety and minimising the risk of falls.

The versatile Oraya provides effective bathing in a variety of care scenarios. Once a bather is in position on the platform, powered hi-lo adjustability raises the bath side so the user is gently immersed in TMV temperature-controlled water. This movement eliminates the sensation of being lowered and hence enhances reassurance for vulnerable bathers with a variety of conditions. Ergonomically crafted for adult and paediatric users, the Oraya has a 165kg SWL and a range of sensory options including Airspa, chromotherapeutic lighting and Bluetooth Sound.

Bespoke bather comfort is provided by a series of postural supports and bathing cycles can be ultra-efficient with auto-fill programming. This advanced technology is complemented by innovative BioCote antimicrobial protection which is integrated into bath surfaces for added infection control.

As with all baths in the Gainsborough range, the Oraya bath is supplied with BioCote silver-ion technology as standard. BioCote provides advanced hygiene as it delivers 99.99% protection against influenza A H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA. Gainsborough is the only bath manufacturer to provide this integrated additive which cannot be wiped or worn away like traditional disinfecting fluids and coating.

Peter Eckhardt, Gainsborough Healthcare Group, CEO, comments: “Oraya is a game changer in spinal care for bathers and their caregivers. Transfer stability and control ensure safety and confidence throughout every bathing cycle, so care excellence is assured. Moving and handling best practice is achievable so staff are positive and protected. Overall the Oraya is an exceptional bathing solution for complex musculoskeletal needs.”