Gainsborough completes Gentona bath installations at next generation, boutique Potters Grange care home

Luxurious boutique residential care home opens with latest Gainsborough specialist baths for supported living with a twist of style.

Recently completed in Hertfordshire’s Potters Bar, Potters Grange, the latest Ardale care home, has been custom built to provide exclusive residential living with nursing care.  This contemporary 20-bed facility, with hints of Art Deco architecture, represents the latest in quality care for individuals of retirement age seeking stylish living, peace of mind and family-like camaraderie. It was constructed in just over 12 months and now provides a building comprising of two ‘households with rapport’, Hadley and Aspen – each with access to a Gentona assisted bath provided by Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms.  The provision of the two Gentonas reflects the Potters Grange approach to care in terms of quality, safety and comfort. 

Built by a family-run organisation, this care home has been specifically designed to be a life-affirming home and not a hotel.  The opportunity to experience therapeutic bathing with dignity is a key part of the offering at Potters Grange – hence Gainsborough has been chosen once again by the developer to deliver exceptional power-assisted baths. Each communal bathroom complements en-suite wet rooms connected to individualised bedrooms with distinct character and varying facilities.  Each luxury appointed bedroom houses specialist furniture that provides medical support; however, with a contemporary domestic appearance, a homely atmosphere is maintained.. 

Potters Grange represents a next generation, boutique care home.  Its high specification interiors are matched by a unique care package that focuses on empowering retirement living for those of active minds.  The staff aim to maintain client independence, skill sets and interests whilst providing flexible care whenever needed.  The custom-built home incorporates all the latest technology for advanced care monitoring and communication, whilst its spacious layouts are considerately designed for seamless wheelchair and equipment access.  Potters Grange aims to enable it residents so they can enjoy a lifestyle on their own terms as much as possible.

On-site features such as a cinema, beauty salon and luxury group dining room for relatives, all add to a place that is truly client-centred.  There is also a dedicated electric ‘London style’ taxi so residents can be chauffeured to visit the shops or local attractions – ensuring a lifestyle connection with the outside world.  Its two fully accessible, high specification bathrooms reiterate this approach to enabled living – both housing Gainsborough baths renowned for providing a positive experience for both residents and carers.

This Gainsborough commission was the third by the developers who have previously custom-built two other outstanding care facilities.  One of which, the Marbrook specialist neuro rehabilitation centre in St. Neots was the first of the group to install Gainsborough baths.  The dependable performance of these power-assisted bathing solutions, both in terms of resident comfort and carer safety, led to Gainsborough being chosen again.  This time it supplied the latest generation, ultra-efficient Gentona baths which host a range of innovative features.  These include variable height, powered bather transfer seats, hydrotherapy and chromotherapeutic lighting plus inbuilt antimicrobial technology. 

Robert Myers, Head of Care Pathways, comments:

“The Gainsborough team were once again spot-on with their installation. From initial site survey though to installation and commissioning, Gainsborough worked in harmony with our project manager so the baths were completed on time and within budget.  As this is our third care home, we know what works in terms of design so the bathroom layout, décor and sanitary-ware will provide exceptional practicality and comfort.  Also, moving forward, we know from experience that Gainsborough service can be trusted – ensuring our baths continue to perform well so resident care is not compromised.”

“Being able to provide a sensory bathing experience to our residents is priceless.  The lights, bubbles and peace of mind all combine to ensure bathing is pleasurable and positive, not a process-driven task just to be clean.  Our bathing facilities offer something very special; in the past we have seen residents cry with joy as they are gently immersed in soothing water.  Many have be unable to bathe for several years so the sensation of soaking in a bath is truly joyous – resulting in our care staff crying with them!  This is why we do what we do; it’s an emotional thing.  Being able to bathe after such a long time must feel absolutely amazing.” 

“The care of our residents is important, however, so is the support of our staff.  Power assisted movement takes the stress out of bathing by eliminating moving and handling risks and potential back injury. Our team can also engage at eye level with bathers whilst providing personal care more effectively. We have specifically provided two bathrooms of varying sizes to accommodate individual preferences as a smaller space is more reassuring for some. However, both spaces still provide ample room to manoeuvre wheelchairs and equipment for efficient transfers.”

“Our sister service’s therapy team is a strong advocate of bathing, especially with the sensory features we have in our baths.  The team regularly sees improved mood in residents after bathing and firmly believes it strengthens mental health and well-being. Overall,Gainsborough baths are simply
better baths.”

Potters Grange is a shining example of enabled living with a vision for future proofed care.  It incorporates the very latest technology, interior design and care facilities to ensure residents can fulfil their lives and retain as much independence as possible.  Links with the outside are strongly maintained along with opportunities for family and friends to spent time with relatives in a luxurious yet welcoming location.  

A sense of belonging and happiness is fundamental to the Ardale ethos – being able to bathe in style and comfort is integral to this and made possible by Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms. 

Read the case study here.