New ultra-compact hi-lo baths with pioneering transfer seat

Gainsborough has introduced ultra-compact versions of its latest range and unveiled a new streamlined bather transfer seat for the Gentona and Talano.

Gainsborough manufactures the widest range of assistive baths that deliver assured safety, dignity and comfort in acute and long term care sectors. Features such as powered height adjustability, bather transfer seats and therapeutic systems ensure carers can minimize risk to themselves and maximize pleasure and safety for disabled and elderly users. Gainsborough recently re-engineered its complete range of specialists baths so these trusted solutions would remain at the forefront of accessible bathing. To further strengthen its product portfolio, Gainsborough has now introduced new ultra-compact versions of its latest range so pioneering levels of care can be provided in space restricted environments.

The new compact Gainsborough baths are 1500mm in length and are specifically designed to provide spacious bathing with the smallest external footprint. These baths are ideally suited to retro-fit situations or refurbishment projects within existing properties that may not be able to facilitate spacious bathrooms. If space is at a premium, it is essential that floor area is maximized so that wheelchair and mobile hoist access is not compromised. The new ultra-compact baths encompass a vast range of cutting-edge design elements focused on supporting sustainability and lowering operational costs. Methods to potentially engage and stimulate dementia patients have also been carefully considered with sensory chromotherapy, hydrotherapy and sound systems available as options.

Pioneering features such as keyhole design, depth indicators and optional Autofill all assist with reducing water consumption. Bathing cycle times have been improved so a greater number of patients and residents can be bathed in a shorter period – ensuring high quality care is maintained whilst maximizing carer efficiency. Thermostatically controlled water protects against potential scalding and the re-designed bather transfer seats have an impressive loading capacity of up to 140kg.

Both the standard and ultra-compact Gentona and Talano baths are available with the new style bather transfer system. This system consists of a detachable streamlined bather transfer seat that attaches to a wheeled stainless steel trolley for onward transfers. Together these provide a seamless transit solution that can negate the need for ceiling track or mobile hoists when moving bathers between toileting, bathing and sleeping areas. When wheeled and locked into position, the powered transfer seat will lift off the trolley frame, rotate and lower the bather into the bath in a controlled and smooth manner. Several new design features ensure safety and efficiency are further enhanced during this process such as the positive seat locking mechanism, folding nursing arms, adjustable footrest and safety strap. Lockable wheelchairs provide stability when the trolley is stationary and a generous seat aperture allows toileting and hygiene procedures to be completed more effectively.

Gordon Farmiloe, Gainsborough Managing Director comments:

“These latest editions to our proven bath range once again reaffirm Gainsborough’s position as market leader. The new ultra-compact baths offer another dimension to our diverse portfolio which is supported by a holistic package of design, installation and servicing. By choosing Gainsborough, acute and long-term care providers can rest assured that their assisted bathing solutions will deliver outstanding results even in the most challenging situations.